League Date Changes for players aged 2003 and older.

The PSPL has announced today that it will formally move the start dates for senior boys and girls - 15U and higher - into August for the 2017 boys and girls season. The change reflects a serious effort to avoid bad weather, reduce schedule conflicts and a promote player first vision. This league calender change for high school-age players does NOT affect younger ages - 9U-14U. The younger ages will kick off Sept. 9, following Labor Day weekend, as normal. To see a color-coded full-year calendar that represents the new dates for an entire cycle, please click:


While the August start dates for high school boys and girls share one objective, the overall schedules will diverge. 

For the senior boys, the fall season begins on Aug. 19Teams will play a 10-game league season that ends in late October. The first round of WA Cup and the Finals of WA Cup will conclude the weekend before Thanksgiving. This gives players the month of December for a break - or to pursue other soccer or personal interests. With December being one of the worst weather months of the year, it is also a good time for players to take some time off to recharge the physical and mental batteries. 

The Boys High School calendar changes avoid playing WA Cup during the cold and snow-plagued Jan-Feb timeframe - creating a more evenly balanced tournament for teams from both sides of the mountain.  It also allows teams to pursure showcase tournaments, college ID camps and focus on training for the spring high school season, which kicks off March 1

The PSPL is offering a Winter League for high school boys that will take place in January-February 2018. The six-game league season will be a regional westside league open to all high school club teams that want a league-based competition to help players prepare for high school soccer. The league will be scheduled, will post scores. but it will not count for the NPL.  The league is open to putting age-group combinations together or look at other options to make it successful for the players and teams. 

For high school girls, the schedule proposal is based on two seasons - Fall 2017 and Spring 2018The fall season begins Aug. 5 and ends Dec. 3. Teams have eight dates to play five games. Teams have required dates and flex dates. For example, teams are required to play at least two games over the first two weekends in August. But the next dates for fall games include: Nov 18-19 and Dec. 2-3. No games are scheduled during the fall high school girls season. 

The spring season begins Feb. 24 and ends March 18.  Make-up/flex-dates are March 24-25. Other flex dates can be added in February for traveling teams. Teams play five games in both halves for a 10-game season. 

The first round of the high school girls WA Cup moves tentatively to March 30-April 1; The Finals follow on April 6-8. Moving WA Cup two weeks forward avoids many of the sping conflicts for high school girls, among other benefits. 

The PSPL will offer a G03 "Trapped Players" league in the fall, for girls born in 2003. The season will be six games and start Sept 16 and end Oct. 29. The same will hold true for the boys in the spring.

These schedule changes still follow the May-to-May, 12-month cycle that most competitive select and premier clubs follow. Most tryouts would take place end of April and first half of May - as they do now. 

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