Playing Year Fees for 2017-2018

*Please note that there has been a fee adjustment this year.

Info.U10 (Born 2008)U11 (Born 2007)U12 (Born 2006)U13 (Born 2005)U14 (Born 2004)U15 (Born 2003)U16 (Born 2002)U17 (Born 2001)U18 (Born 2000)U19 (Born 1999)
Entire Program Cost$635$950$950$950$950$950$950$950$950$950
Reg. Fee Due In May$115$170$171$171$171$171$171$171$171$171
Due June$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due July$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due August$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due September$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due October$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due November$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due December$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due January$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due February$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due March$48$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70$70
Due AprilAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owedAny balance owed

 Club Wide Notes

  • Prices do not include the cost of the Puma uniform kit. The uniform kit is purchased through the Wembley Soccer Shop and is ~$110.50, which includes home and away jerseys, shorts, and socks. Warm ups and back packs are not required, though may be purchased at an additional fee.
  • Uniforms cycle every two years, 2017 is the first year of a two year cycle.
  • Registration fees are due in May upon player enrollment, registration fees cannot be discounted or waived via scholarship.
  • Monthly playing fees are due on the 25th of each month beginning in June.
  • Friday training programs are available and are included in the fees, these opportunities are organized at the team level.
  • Additional TC United sponsored playing camps and academies may be available throughout the year in addition to club fees.
  • For all ages this fee includes two Summer tournaments, and a league ending State Cup. For players aged U10-U14 (and "trapped" U15 8th graders) this fee covers both a Fall and Spring season. For ages U15+ this fee covers a single competitive season (Fall for boys and Spring for girls).